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Download our Investment Brouchure. You will find here information about KLIMAT SOLEC company as well as about new investments.

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Sanitary installations

KLIMAT SOLEC is one of the most important domestic producers of sanitary installations: for ventilation, air-conditioning, heating, dust and smoke removal. KLIMAT SOLEC offers its clients individual and optimized technical solutions in the field of sanitary installation which are used in different buildings: such as service and office buildings, as well as very complicated industrial, laboratory and medical facilities.

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Increasing energy costs encourage the investors and end users to pay greater attention to low operational costs. To meet customers’ requirements, KLIMAT SOLEC analyses existing solutions and using its long-standing experience proposes their optimization.

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KLIMAT SOLEC provides full automation of the projects we deliver, including in particular: automation – air conditioning units, air handling units, heat transfer stations, boiler houses, ice water stations, exhaust fans, smoke-venting systems, garage ventilation with appropriate detectors, battery charging stations, Building Management Systems (BMS), I&C substations, and electrical distribution boards.

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Owing to their considerable complexity,  ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems require regular maintenance to ensure their prolonged and efficient operation. In order to guarantee the correct operation of ventilation, air conditioning and heating equipment, KLIMAT SOLEC Service Department carries out warranty and post–warranty inspections, one–time service visits, and on–going comprehensive maintenance of air conditioning and ventilation systems.

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KLIMAT PRO Production

KLIMAT PRO is a new brand launched by KLIMAT SOLEC, offering a wide range of ventilation products. KLIMAT PRO provides reliable products of the highest quality. The products undergo detailed examination and testing, which ensure that they are up to our high standards.

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Technological processes are designed by qualified engineers  and supported by cutting edge technology park. That provides supplying of high quality services.

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